All Things Fall – Seasonal Decor for Your Home

All Things Fall – Seasonal Decor for Your Home

As a designer, one of the main reasons I love the changing of seasons is due to the fact that I get to decorate my house differently! Don’t get me wrong, I love when the leaves change color and the temperature drops BUT what I really love is transforming my home into a cozy, fall retreat. I have a family and we have a lot of expenses because #life, so I am always keeping the budget in mind. You don’t have to spend tons and tons of money to get the look that you want. I’ve rounded up my favorite accessories and decor that add enough of a change but don’t break your bank account. Read on friend..

Ok, so ever since we bought our house, I have always wanted to have a cute, little fall vignette on our front porch whenever October rolls around. In the past, we have had such a tight budget that I could never justify buying hay, well because it’s hay. And I NEEDED hay to complete my fall look. So finally, this year, we took the plunge and found some pretty affordable hay. We even bought THREE hay bales. I was giddy. Because squirrels just love our neighborhood, I knew I had to get fake pumpkins to avoid any rotting. We found these on sale from Home Depot! Throw in some buffalo check fabric from Hobby Lobby and fakes leaves and voila! we have our front porch set up.

The red and orange fake leaves were VERY controversial in our household. In my humble opinion, I think fake leaves are dumb unless they’re used in just the right way. My husband was adamant that we keep them. After much talk (seriously, this is what we talk about) I caved and let the leaves (and my husband) win. Pick your battles people.

I love keeping things simple. Flowers and a few pumpkins that can go from Halloween to Thanksgiving are my favorite. These are on our entry table so that everyday we (and our guests) are greeted with a happy thought and look. I think that entryways are the best place to make an impact when decorating for the seasons. It’s a space that everyone sees but isn’t used all that much so you can do a lot and not have to worry about it being messed with.

Let’s move onto the dining area. My day to day tablescape MOST DEFINITELY does not look like this. I gotta keep it simple with two kiddos running around. The amount of crud that accumulates on my table immediately ruins any plans for any kind of permanent, elaborate design. BUT when I do have the time or a special event, this is what I would want it to look like. I took a few accessories from my living room and got the greenery from my backyard. This is what I l like – pretty, accessible, and unique design.

This color combo is everything! Greenery is a must for decor because it brings LIFE! If you don’t want to spend the money on it, go in your backyard and see what you can find. Just a touch of green will go a long way.

So I’m always changing the way my living room looks, I like to change out the pillows or rearrange the furniture. What I love about the accessories that I bought is that they are so interchangeable. They are small enough to fit into different spaces of my home but big enough to make an impact. These baskets from World Market are gorgeous! I will use them all year long and I think they might be my most favorite thing that I bought. The wire allows for color to show through and the structured lines give a modern feel that I always want. I wonder what I’ll do with them for Christmas?


The afternoon light poured through my front windows so nicely that I had to take a picture. Not sure that it shows so well here but just another reminder why I believe that it is important to style your home. It makes you feel at home! I just want to cuddle up on that sofa with my kids and husband and soak it all in. My favorite time of day.

Ok, let’s talk about this twinkle light dome thing. When I saw it, I WANTED it and I am not an impulse buyer. I kept looking at it and going back to it and finally my husband says “Just get it!.” Say no more my love, say no more. I don’t know what it is about string lights that just add an immediate romance and ambiance to a space. When I am up early in the mornings, drinking my coffee and reading my bible, I will sometimes just sit and stare at this pretty, little lamp. As weird or relatable as that may seem, it’s very telling to me that I made the right purchase. Who knew such a silly, little lamp could add so much joy to my day? Spend your money where it makes you happy.

More shots of what my living room looks like when the sun is bright and shining.

Below I’ve listed all of the goodies that I bought and used in my own home. I’d love to help you with any decorating questions that you may have. Leave a comment below!



1. Gold Wire Hurricane Candleholder

2. Orange Faux Mohair Throw Blankets (50″x60″) – Threshold 

3. Pumpkin Figure Large – Gold – Threshold

4. Mongolian Faux Fur Oblong Throw Pillow – Project 62

5. Gold Foil Throw Pillow – Threshold

6. Glass Firefly Battery Operated Cloche Light

7. 26.5 in. H Harvest Stackable Pumpkins

8. Hay Bale from Nick’s Garden Center

9.  Gray Metallic Rose Table Runner – Project 62



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