An Exterior Design Story – Before and After

An Exterior Design Story – Before and After

Curb Appeal. How important is it? Well, you tell me. When you see a dated home with chipped paint, 1960’s railing and dead grass, what do you think? Unless you’re a house flipper or like to undertake a large amount of work, you’ll probably pass on the house or think “What a dump.”

Here is a story about how transformed a very dated, 1960’s bi level house exterior into a pretty, modern day house with great curb appeal.

My client had lived in her 1960’s home for 2 years before deciding to redesign the exterior  She knew that she wanted to make her house match modern day styles.  So, roll your sleeves up and take a deep we go!

Before photos to show what we had to work with.

Overgrown bushes and really old, beat up siding that was yellowing

A barely there, wood address sign, 2(?) mailboxes and an ugly light fixture

A blah color palette and to be frank, ugly brick

Because the house had been the same for 20+ years, my client really wanted have a huge transformation. We had a professional landscaper come in and remove ALL of the overgrown Juniper that really had lost all of its beauty and was just taking up a lot of space being dead. He also pruned and trimmed the heck out of the existing bushes and plants to make them healthy and manicured, including all stump grinding. We mulched the front flower beds and removed the dead plants that were originally there. Basically, we wiped the slate clean so that my client had the option to plant all new or keep it simple and low maintenance.

The existing paint color, lighting and shutters all had to go. I selected a timeless color palette (black, white and grey).

For all of you brick purists, I’m sorry to say, that YES, WE DID PAINT THE BRICK. It really had no character or historical reference. Painting it white streamlined and modernized the entire look of the house. I love how paint can do so much.

A picture showing the 2nd mailbox patched in with brick and then painted a lovely white. New lighting also!

We discussed replacing the siding but it was going to be a whole lotta money, so in the end we painted it a chic dark grey and I really love how it came out. Sometimes you just need to go with the budget friendly option and it turns out great! Black doors, lighting and shutters became the bold accents giving the exterior depth and dimension. The house is a split level and we wanted to give it some sort of symmetry, so we added shutters to every window to balance out the brick and siding combo.

After Pics

I love how open and clean it looks.

Welcome to the 21st century!

Love the detail on these new lights!

New windows and railing will be installed in the future.

Before and After

Bottom line, the exterior of your home is important! It’s the first impression that anyone and everyone has. It only takes a few changes to have a huge impact.

All exteriors colors referenced below:

Shutter & Front Door Color: Behr Paint – Carbon – N520-7
Siding & Garage Door Color: Behr Paint – Suede Gray – PPU18-17
Brick & Trim Color: Sherwin Williams Duration – Alabaster – SW 7008





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