Baby Boy Shower

Baby Boy Shower

I love throwing baby showers because it reminds me of how fun it is to be a kid and how much support you need as a parent. Last week, I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for my friend Marlene. With the (major) help of my church community group, we pulled off a beautiful party with yummy food and thoughtful details. Read more below on how we created a caviar party on a sardine budget.

Because we were celebrating a baby boy, I wanted the shower to reflect that, no gender neutral color scheme here.

When it comes to parties, I CAN NOT say no to THEMES.

I found these cute, affordable table runners on Amazon. I started with blue and white stripes as my inspiration because STRIPES ARE FOREVER. Blue and yellow is such a classic color combo and I knew that it would be a great color palette for a backyard baby shower. The square plates were sturdy, cute and affordable. I got them here.

I like hosting in the backyard because being outdoors makes any event special and different. Luckily it rained a TON the week before the shower so my garden and grass were in full bloom.

Fresh flowers are always a YES for me for any party. They add color and beauty, every.single.time. These cute, little wooden cars were given to me at my baby shower last year. They are hand carved in Castle Rock, CO.

Me and the Momma to be <3

One of my favorite baby games – put 15 baby items on a tray, show it around for a few seconds then take it away. The person who can write down the most items that they can remember wins. I love this game because it gets people talking, laughing and feeling comfortable. It’s a great ice breaker.

Sweet sentiments for the Mom and Dad

Beautiful and delicious desserts made by my talented friends. Delegation is key when hosting!


Refreshing, non-alcoholic beverages for the guests. This is the cutest and easiest recipe for a sweet, blue lemonade. It was delicious. Thank you to my friends for providing it! (Again, with the delegation…)

I just love a good flat lay photo. Don’t the colors, patterns and flowers come together perfectly?! I love how it all turned out.

The beverage and dessert station. We also served a taco bar but sadly, we took no photos of this! I was too busy hosting 😉

The whole gang! Beautiful friends!


My advice when planning and hosting.

1/ Have a vision for what you want and stick with it.

2/Delegate, delegate, delegate. If you are hosting a party for 10+ people, get out your phone and text those friends that you can count on!

3/Delegate the right items to the right people. If you know your best friend doesn’t like to cook, ask her to bring flowers or something store bought. Make it easy for them!

4/Relax! It is a party after all. You are the hostess and you will set the tone of the party. So remember, even if the food is ruined and the timing is off, people are together and that’s what matters.

Thank you Pure Elements Photography for the photos!


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