Kid’s Rooms – Designing a Room for Multiple Children

Kid’s Rooms – Designing a Room for Multiple Children

When my friends approached me about helping them design their daughter and son’s bedroom, I jumped at the chance! I have to be honest, I love designing kids rooms. There is a type of whimsy you can create when involving children. Their rooms are always about fun.

Because we were starting with a blank slate (the room used to be a guest bedroom), we needed all new everything! Decor, storage, bedding…you name it, it was needed. The idea of bunk beds was vetoed at the beginning. My clients wanted each kid to have their own space and not feel crowded, totally understandable. So we had two separate twin size beds to work with.

Ok so here was the situation; they had one smallish room for both their son and daughter to share. Because they rent, they weren’t looking to make any big changes, not even painting the walls. They asked for a sophisticated color palette and design that would incorporate fun elements that cater to their kids. NO ABC, 123 🙂 After meeting with them and going through their needs and wants, I had a pretty clear idea on what to do.

Here are a few pictures of the before…

 Twin beds assembled, existing blue wall color to remain, ceiling fan to remain.

A bunch of items that need storage! Curtains gotta go.


A&O Bedroom

Here is the inspiration board. My goal was simple: create a room that is  accessible, affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Per my client’s request, I kept this design monochromatic and modern.

The majority of the items that I selected were from places like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and online stores. There are so many great and affordable options these days, we don’t have to compromise design for price.  I firmly believe that when designing for smaller kids, go with more affordable furniture.  Selecting furniture, decor and accessories that you won’t be crying over if it gets ruined is so important when designing for children. They are kids after all and accidents (and fun) happen all the time. Let’s not put that vintage, velvet chair in their room just to have the OJ spilled all over it. You feel me?

I designed the space so that each child has their own little nook that was made just for them. Subtle colors, matching nightstands and a  soft, graphic rug create a cohesiveness so that the room still feels modern and sophisticated.

On to the furniture. Closed storage is a must with kids, they can throw all of their stuff in a drawer and voila! it’s clean again. I purposely did not add table lamps to this design because it made the room feel a bit cluttered.  I selected gold clip lamps that attach to the headboard, acting as task lighting. The gold adds a modern, fun touch. There is PLENTY of natural light in this room and an existing ceiling fan with a light so additional lighting was not a concern.

Isn’t this mini gallery wall adorable? These framed pieces add just the right amount of color and compliment the glitter and blush duvet set for her side of this room, nothing but girly sophistication here.

I love love love these conceptual, cool mountain prints. I found them on Etsy and knew that they fit right into the “sophisticated, modern, kid” idea that I was going for.  Art can sometimes be the most difficult to select because it can be so personal. I selected galvanized wire baskets to hang above the headboards, acting as “bookshelves.” Colorful books are placed in these simple yet industrial wire baskets, adding more color to the room. The baskets are secure and have enough depth to ensure that the books won’t fall out onto the bed.  You can also see the gold clip-on lamp better here.

On the wall opposite of the beds I have centered a fun, colorful world map that is removable, remember these clients are renting right now. This map acts as a point of visual interest aka it’s something interesting to look at and can also act as a learning tool! My clients are adopting these kids from a different country, so what better way to help them learn more about the world then a cool, vibrant map?!
I placed the walnut desk (that coordinates with the nightstands) underneath the window. It’s easily moved to different areas of the house but also fits perfectly in the bedroom. It is flexible so that it can be used or moved anywhere. It has two drawers for crafts, crayons, paper, etc. I added a bright, orange desk chair for whimsy and color.

The environments that we work, play, live and breathe in have a huge impact on us. We want places to relax, we want places that lift us up, we want places where we can be ourselves. Interior design does that.

My favorite part of this design was the fact that I  was able to play a very small part in helping my friends bring their son and daughter home. Bringing them home to a house and a room that was designed just for them, it doesn’t get any more special than that.






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