Our Master Bathroom Renovation – From Pink to Chic!

Our Master Bathroom Renovation – From Pink to Chic!


When we moved into our fixer upper home 5 years ago, our master bathroom was one of the rooms that was in the worst condition. See below, this is what we started with…

Hello 1960! Pepto Bismol pink at its prime and this wallpaper..what can I say? In the 1950’s and 1960’s this look was IN and it was HOT. Nevertheless, we had to get it out of there! The elderly gentleman who was previously living in the house did not update the house. There were grab bars in the shower, metal framed fiber glass shower doors,  and a safety frame on the toilet, ay yi yi. I know I took a lot more pictures but of course I don’t know where they all went. Hopefully these pictures are giving you enough of a “before” to see how far we’ve come.

2013. Josh installing a VERY cheap medicine cabinet above the toilet. It was big and bulky but we were on such a tight budget at the time that we had to re-purpose it from our previous apartment.

This picture is about 3 months after we moved in. We had so many generous friends offer to help with our renovation. We were just trying to get this house liveable (it wasn’t before). We took the wallpaper off, painted a very pretty navy blue, removed the safety frame. Man, I look at this and think “What were we doing?” So naive back then and I was 6 months pregnant with our first child. A lot going on. I remember having to make so many quick decisions on the fly because we only had so much time to get out of our rental and into our new home.

After a good thorough cleaning and a couple of hesitations, we decided to use the shower. About a year into using it, the bottom caved into the floor to the basement (yes, I know) and we had to say Sayonara to our shower. We still continued to use the toilet and sink for the next 4 years. When I look back it, I guess we just really didn’t want to share a bathroom with the kids. But man, was it in BAD condition.

A shot of the partially demo’d vanity and toilet area.


Pepto Bismol pink shower tile and toilet (matching sink not pictured) that was very popular in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Super low shower head height which is very common in bathrooms in the 1960’s. We raised the height by over a foot and it made all of the difference.

We also had a window in the bathroom that looked into our backroom, an interior room addition to our house.  It was old, ugly and dirty. I loathed this window and when we covered it up, I jumped for joy.

A close up of the plumbing. This pink and green floral wallpaper covered the entire bathroom. We stripped it down and painted a navy blue over it. So much work!


Between a new kitchen, roof, windows, a total basement renovation, landscaping and so many other smaller projects in our house, our poor little bathroom kept getting pushed to the back burner. With baby #3 on the way, both Josh and I decided that it was time that we had a nice bathroom for ourselves. So we started to plan.

We had a blank canvas and a good budget. We spent hours talking about our ideas, made multiple trips to tile stores and started thinking about what we really wanted versus what we really needed in our bathroom. I wanted something that was clean and modern and graphic. I wanted to incorporate a ton of pattern without making this small space feel like a carnival. I really love the end result.

Vanity. I LOVE this vignette!! We installed bead board on the lower half of the walls and painted them Hunter Green from Benjamin Moore. After looking at so many blue colors (which I’m guilty of using in almost every design) I decided it was time to change it up. This dark green, almost black paint color is moody and beautiful all at the same time. I absolutely love the effect it has in the room. It highlights the bead board in just the right way and really grounds the room from all of the brightness in the wallpaper, shower tile and flooring.

When I was looking for a vanity light, I initially thought we would do two hanging pendants to flank the mirror. After some consideration and measurements, it was clear that we didn’t have quite enough room to have the cool effect that I was looking for, so vanity lights was the answer. I knew I wanted something with a glass globe because they are my favorite. I also wanted to project as much light into the room as possible. I found a finish that matched our faucet and shower head. I ended up choosing this one from Shades of Light. It’s got a vintage, classic, modern feel and I love everything about it.

We searched far and wide for the perfect vanity and even looked into getting a custom one built. Ikea was a good look and good price but too cheaply made. We knew that we would be using this vanity multiple times a day and we needed something that would hold up to the wear and tear. Getting something custom made didn’t make sense for the price. Ultimately, we decided on this vanity from Home Depot. The price and look were good and the storage was generous! I love the finish on this because it brings a little bit of warmth and color into the mix.

We went back and forth on whether to use a two handled faucet or a single handled faucet. We selected this faucet in Champagne Bronze (love this finish) and are so happy with it. Ultimately, we didn’t want to deal with using two handles to get the perfect temperature of hot or cold water and  the single handle is a much more modern look. If you can’t tell, we like modern.

We also ran into a few problems with the back splash on the sink. We didn’t want to leave the bead board as the back splash mainly for cleaning purposes. Can you imagine all of the soap and toothpaste residue getting stuck in between the little grooves? No thank you!

So, initially, we had a custom quartz piece cut for the exact width of both sides of the vanity. When we tried to install in, it was too thick that the drain stopper wasn’t able to move up and down, not allowing the sink to be properly filled or drained. Plan B, which actually ended up being the best solution ever was using the same marble piece that we used on the shower walls. It was the perfect size and color and gave a beautiful seamless look. Sometimes the mistakes end up giving you the best solutions.

Onto the other side of the bathroom. The wall on the right is the same wall that used to have the interior window on it. When I was designing the shower, I knew I wanted a fresh, clean and bright feel and look, so any dark tile was out of the question. This Carrara Marble acted as a perfect spa like tile that would be easy to clean and beautiful to look at. I paired it with this Bianco Carrara floor tile. Again, I wanted as much pattern as possible in the room without feeling overwhelmed. I just love the end result and it feels like the perfect balance of pattern and modernity.

We had a very hard time finding sliding, shower glass doors that came with black hardware. I was adamant about keeping all of the fixtures either in a black or bronze finish. A trick that I have used before is ordering an oil rubbed bronze finish on fixtures and pairing them with other black fixtures. They blend seamlessly and you never know that you have oil rubbed bronze in the room! These are the doors that we went with.

Our beautiful shower head and faucet. This is makes our shower and feels just like a spa every time that I use it. So dreamy. It is the same brand and finish as our faucet. Also, I love the contrast of the bronze against the white marble. You can find it here.  When looking at prices of products, always look around for these products on different websites. Most of the time you can find them cheaper on a website like Amazon.

Ok, so the wallpaper. I am a huge fan of stripes and never, ever tire of them. I was going back and forth on what type of pattern to do. I knew that I wanted black and white, but what to do to make a high impact but not overwhelm the room? After selecting, re-selecting and ordering samples (which by the way, took FOREVER and delayed the entire process), I decided on this cool, modern, horizontal stripe. The little splatters of paint on the wallpaper soften the stripes and I just love the way it pairs with the dark green. It adds a graphic pop but still falls in line with that modern, structured look that we wanted.

We also installed towel hooks because they have a minimal look and are so so much more practical than towel bars. Your towels dry in about half the time. And the rule of thumb in any design, is using odd numbers instead of evens, so three hooks it was. PRO TIP. Before the wallpaper installer comes, install all of your mounting hardware for your fixtures (towel hooks, vanity light, towel bars, etc.) first. The wallpaper will be installed around them and all that you need to do once the wallpaper is installed, is slide those fixtures back on the mounting hardware. Much easier than installing over the wallpaper.

Ok, so this acrylic shelf was super controversial. When I put the vote on my Insta Stories, I think 2% of voters said YES to install and everyone else said NO. I just love the look so much that I had to do it. Wood shelves are kinda overdone to me and no matter what option we went with, we were always going to have open storage so the dilemma of hiding storage would never be solved. I love love the clear, modern look and how we offset it on the wall. Also, a huge factor of storage above the toilet was being able to fit our mini Sonos speaker. Both Josh and I realllly wanted music in the bathroom. When we saw that this shelf not only fit our aesthetic but also fit the Sonos, we were sold! I’m still deciding if we need to install another one above which is why I haven’t styled it out yet. We are going to live in it for a few more days before making a decision.

And that’s it! We had so much fun doing yet another house renovation in our own home. We are so incredibly happy with this makeover and hope you like it too! If you’re looking to renovate a part of your home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!
















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