Minimal, maximized.


E-Design for the DIYer

My client came to me asking for help in surprising his wife with a bedroom makeover. They have three kids and had been in their brand new home for a little while but never did anything to their master bedroom. It was lacking any design, romance, color, etc. They wanted something clean and minimal with pops of color.

Although I never stepped foot into the space, through a few emails and shared photos, I was able to create a vision and outline a design plan for the homeowner. We focused on keeping most of the space minimal and added the pops of color and texture in the accessorizing of the room. Beautiful throw pillows and a central art piece gave the room the personality they were looking for. They loved the design and were able to execute it on their own. E-design is an incredible way to get a cohesive and comprehensive design without having to pay for the management, which is always the bulk of the work. I absolutely love e-design. It lets me help clients all across the country create the perfect space for them.