Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy Must Haves

As a working mom of two at 33 weeks pregnant, there are many creature comforts and necessities that I’ve come to rely on to make my pregnancy easier. I’ve made a list of my pregnancy must haves in hopes that it can give you some advice and suggestions for all of you expecting Mamas out there!  Currently, here are my top picks, all products are linked!

Pregnancy Must Haves
1. Purple Nalgene

Hydration is key when being pregnant. This Nalgene was the first thing that I bought when I found out that I was due. I love the bright color and how easy it is to carry around with me. If I can drink 2 to 3 of these a day, I’m feeling good!

2. Face Mask

I love skincare and consider it a major self care area for me. This face mask surprised me. I had heard great things about this drugstore brand -“Yes To” so I decided to pick one up on a random trip to Target. It really did brighten and even out my skin and for the price, I’m sold! I love the feeling of fresh, clean skin right before bed. It makes me feel relaxed, like I’m in my own little spa.

3.The Road Back to You

I’ve had many sleepless night because #pregnancy and reading this book made it bearable to be up late at night. I loved learning all about the the different personalities of people and how they interact and react. It made my brain think and was a better use of time then binge watching Netflix, ha.

4.Pregnancy Sleep Pillow

When I really had a hard time sleeping, I immediately started researching pregnancy pillows. For my first 2 pregnancies, I thought that these pillows were just a gimmick but I’m a believer now! This pillow changed my sleep! It gives support on both sides, belly and back and that makes all the difference in the world when you are 5+ months pregnant. This is probably my favorite purchase because it gave me back a good night’s rest – well as much as I can get being pregnant 🙂

5.JJ Heller Digital Album

I saw JJ perform in concert this past 4th of July and was blown away by her voice. It was a magical night and I just fell in love with her songs. One of the best things about this album is that is streams for free on Amazon Prime! I often listen to it at night while I work. It’s so sweet and calming and makes me even more excited about my new babe on the way.

6.Essential Oils

I have been a lover of essential oils for a loooong time now. Lavender and Peppermint are always on my orders. Lavender is so calming to me and the scent immediately puts me at ease and smells delicious. I dab soe on my neck and wrists almost every night. I carry Peppermint with me all the time. It cures all of my nausea (which is so prominent in all of my pregnancies) and helps with any congestion that I have. It’s my number one used oil for sure.

7. Comfy and Cute Maternity Shorts

THESE shorts. Incredibly comfortable and cute. I didn’t have to worry about looking bad or feeling uncomfortable and they were perfect for this un-Godly hot summer that we have been having this year. And they are affordable! WIN/WIN

8.Stretch Mark Cream

I don’t know if I’m lucky or if this cream really is that good but I have never gotten stretch marks in my pregnancies. I apply this at night time in all the areas that I worry about. It has a nice scent and dries quickly so it is a quick and easy process.



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