Sophisticated Girly – A Girl’s Bathroom

Sophisticated Girly – A Girl’s Bathroom

I just love a good before and after home makeover and let me tell you, I’ve got a good one coming up. Get a cup of coffee and your reading glasses because I’m excited about this one.

My clients (who I had designed for many times before) asked me to renovate their little girl’s bathroom that she shared with her brand new baby girl twin sisters. The bathroom was one of the only rooms that they hadn’t done anything to. Since the big sis was getting bigger, they wanted her to feel like she had special place to get ready each morning. The catch? They weren’t sure how long they were staying in this house and didn’t want to pour tons of money into this remodel. No problem, I LOVE a challenge.

Let me show you want I had to work with.

White tiled floor that wasn’t bad and had been maintained well enough. I decided that we could keep the flooring and save a huge expense on demo, new product and install.

Green, tiled counter tops and some very interesting DIY pebble bordered mirrors. Yes real pebbles were glued onto a DIY frame. The previous homeowners had multiple things like this throughout the house and it was no surprise to also find this style in the bathroom. So the mirrors had to go and so did the counter tops. After getting multiple bids from contractors, I decided to keep (yes, keep) the green tiled granite counter tops. It was going to take a large chunk of the budget to demo and install new product so I thought of a new plan. More on that later.

A horrible picture but it shows the green granite and pebble mirror combo (yikes)

There was also a very dark brown paint color, inadequate lighting and SO MANY DOORS. This picture doesn’t show it, but there are 3 doors in this bathroom which makes it really hard to walk anywhere without bumping into something. The bathroom was dark and the layout – not ideal. We kept the layout and removed the door into the shower room. Typically I would say to overhaul the floor plan and do a complete redesign, but in this case, I needed to be sensitive to my client’s budget and the fact that they weren’t staying in this house for that much longer so I worked with what I had.

Door that led into the shower and toilet room and shower doors. Both were removed to allow for more space to move and walk.

This is a weird open shelving storage space with cabinet doors over it. The plumbing was also enclosed behind the shelving in the walls.

Existing lighting. Do you think I kept these? 🙂


And here is the final product!

The entire wall of mirrors was demo’d, new drywall was put up and a fresh coat of paint of alternating gray, horizontal stripes was added. This wall needed a focal point, something to streamline the design and give interest. If the wall remained just grey, it would have been blah. The stripes give it style and let’s be honest, stripes are forever!

We painted the existing cabinets to match the overall wall color, a light grey and added pretty (with just the right amount of sparkle) hardware from World Market. We replaced the sinks and added new faucets. They really make the green granite look good! In the end I’m glad that we kept the counter tops because it proves to me that you don’t always need to overhaul everything to have a pretty, well designed room. The dark granite now acts as an accent color, interrupting the grey color palette. I really am happy with the way that it turned out.

Matte Silver Brass Knobs from World Market

Because we had such a neutral color palette to begin with, I accessorized with pinks and more feminine decor. I wanted it to feel like a 10 year or 16 year girl could come in here each day and feel fabulous.

We replaced the shower doors with a patterned shower curtain. Because we removed the door to the shower/toilet room, I wanted something graphic to look at aka not a boring, old white shower curtain. The shower curtain was a perfect color match and added pattern and texture that this room (and this view) needed.

Personal artwork from my client’s daughter on full display!


Let’s talk about these lights. I’ve had a design crush on School House Electric for years. Their products are gorgeous and I could specify them for most any project, all day long.

I didn’t want to replace one ugly vanity light for another. The idea of hanging pendants is modern and fresh and if you decide that you don’t want the pendants anymore, you can exchange/replace with recessed lighting, a win/win! I LOVE the clear, globe glass with the natural brass finish. These pendants make this room special and add a luxe feel and sparkle which is perfect for a girl’s bathroom. This is the Willamette pendant. I was going to link the product but I think they have discontinued this style, such is life.

I selected oil rubbed bronze fixtures because I think it’s a timeless finish. Also, unless you just want the cream of the crop for your bathroom fixtures, I say go affordable when selecting these items. There are so many options and if you need something that just does the job, I see nothing wrong with only spending a little bit of money on things like towel racks, towel rings, etc.

These mirrors were a hit (literally, they were delivered broken and it was a 2 week debacle to get them in on time for install) and I had a lot of people ask about them. They are the perfect size and style. They are the Adonia Crown Frameless Beveled Mirror from Lamps Plus.

Before and After

This is one of my most favorite projects because it gave me design obstacles to overcome. I love designing around existing conditions and creating a beautiful, functional end product.








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